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Bagpipers in Funeral Services

Bagpipers in Funeral Services

A brief guide on how to incorporate a bagpiper in your remembrances

The following is a brief guide but by no means the limit of how and when you can use the pipes.

In maximizing the services of a bagpiper at a funeral service, memorial, wake, or celebration of life a few main factors should be considered

  • Where should the piper play;
  • When should the piper play; and
  • What should the piper play

Places to Incorporate Bagpipes

  • Outside as mourners arrive;
  • Meet the hearse and pipe the pall-bearers and casket into the hall or church;
  • Play one or more selections at some point during the service;
  • Pipe the pall-bearers and casket out of the church or hall and back to the hearse;
  • Play outside the church or hall as the mourners leave;
  • Play near the grave site or outside the mausoleum or chapel as the mourners arrive.
  • Meet the hearse and pipe the poll-bearers and casket to the grave site or scattering site;
  • Play one or more selections at some point during the graveside, cremation, or scattering service;
  • If flowers are provided to the mourners, the piper often plays while the flowers are being placed;
  • Play during the lowering of the casket, placing of the urn, or the closing of the curtain for a cremation service.
  • Play at the end of the service as the mourners leave.
The Places

Where Should the Piper Play?

  • At the church or memorial hall;
  • During the funeral service;
  • At the graveside for internment;
  • At a crematorium; and/or
  • Any other location for a wake, remembrance, or scattering ceremony.



When Should the Piper Play?

There is great flexibility depending on the desires of the family.  The following provides some suggestions based on the location.

Bagpipes Tulsa
01 Before Service

The amount of time that the piper plays before a service usually depends on whether the service takes place at a chapel or mausoleum, or just at the grave site.

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02 At Grave Site

The piper will meet the hearse and start playing a processional air as the pall-bearers take the casket from the hearse. The piper can then lead the procession to the grave site.


03 During Service
One or more selections, such as “Amazing Grace”, may be played at an appropriate time during the service, usually while flowers are being placed on the casket and/or it is being lowered.
04 After Service
When the service concludes, the piper will again play as the mourners leave the chapel, mausoleum, grave site, or scattering site.