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Bagpipes for Parties!

I often get called to play at parties. They are always a great time. We can help make a birthday party with bagpipes a smashing succcess.

Happy Birthday Song on Bagpipes

Happy Birthday works perfectly on the bagpipes, so I sometimes lead the cake out from the kitchen or wherever it is.

Christmas Party
Christmas parties are a great time too. Many Christmas carols work well on bagpipes- usually the older ones like Come All Ye Faithful work very well. Unfortunately Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer doesn’t work very well.



I’ve also played a couple of retirement parties this year as well. On these it is very important to be flexible as many people want to wish the retiree the best and schedules can get pretty loose. One tune that I always bring into a retirement party is Auld Lang Syne.




The most busy time of year for pipers. Scotland’s answer to Big Ben, we are requested all over the world for New Year parties. A piper piping in the bells at New Year is a wonderful sight and feeling. The traditional tune of choice is Auld Lang Syne often followed by patriotic numbers such as Caledonia, Flower of Scotland and Scotland the Brave and one or two rip roaring jigs and reels.

Bagpipes Tulsa
01 Parties & Events

Parties and Events work very well with Bagpipes- the secret to success is prior planning. A competent bagpiper will be able to make creative suggestions and work to give you the absolute best performance possible.

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02 Openers
For openers and launches I am usually playing outside to add ambiance to the event. This gives me a great opportunity to run through a lot of my repertoire- to play some of the lesser known tunes that I have learned over the years.
03 Presentations
Schools, assempblies, private sessions, religious gatherings, and other meetings.
04 Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are fun, especially when the birthday girl or boy isn’t expecting bagpipes.