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Tulsa Bagpiper

Corporate Events

Bagpiper for Corporate Events

We are delighted to supply for the corporate and event industry. We have vast experience at entertaining with bapipes in Oklahoma. We like to think of ourselves as Tulsa entertainers rather than just pipers and take a great passion for promoting piping & scottish music. We are happy to undertake one off engagements or act as your preferred entertainer supplier.

School Presentations  From playing for little children, middle schoolers, high schoolers, all the way up to college groups. We love playing at presentations, groups, private parties, and more.
The Client
Each client comes from a different background and has different expectations on how they want their celebration, funeral, or event to go. We work with each client to meet those expectations



The beauty and tradition of a bagpiper is a great way to highlight the reverence of your special moments. Whether it’s to honor the memory of a loved one who’s passed or a joyous new beginning in life in a wedding celebration.

Bagpipes Tulsa
01 Weddings

Make your wedding day one to remember by all. Whether you are looking for a solo bagpiper or bagpipe band for your special day.
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02 Funerals
The bagpipes bring to a funeral a poignant feeling of love, respect and an emotional and meaningful send off for a departed loved one.
03 Presentations
Schools, assempblies, private sessions, religious gatherings, and other meetings.
04 Other
Specializing in weddings, funerals, memorials, corporate, private events and parades.