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Tulsa Bagpiper

Special Services

The popularity of the Bagpipe continues to grow around the world in terms of music. The bagpipe is often played at special occasions such as weddings, parties, funerals, military ceremonies and festivals.

Special Services Can Include:

From stylized to celtic funerals. When someone needs to be honored with bagpipes.

Fire & Police
One of the special occasions that bagpipes are most common for being played at are at fire department and police department funerals. This tradition started when the Scottish and Irish immigrated to the United States while bringing many traditions over.



Bagpipes are played at many events, festivals, private parties, and services, based on traditions. The bagpipe tradition is so popular that the bagpipe can really be played at any event such as birthday parties to golf tournaments. It all depends on the person who is having or throwing the event and if they can get a piper to play at their event. Since bagpipes can be played at any event that shows how important of an instrument it is to the music world.