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Adding Bagpipes To A Wedding Celebration

Many people are familiar with a bagpiper at a wedding but are unfamiliar with the traditions or options they may have for their event. If you have any questions not answered below feel free to contact me. Cheers!

In maximizing the services of a bagpiper at a wedding service, reception, or even a rehearsal dinner, a few main factors should be considered

  • Where should the piper play;
  • When should the piper play; and
  • What should the piper play.

Wedding Places Where Bagpipes Are Common

  • Outside as guests arrive;
  • Precede the bride into the hall or church;
  • Precede the bridal party into the hall or church:
  • Play one or more selections at some point during the service;
  • Pipe the newlyweds out of the church or hall;
  • Play at the end of the service as the guests leave;
  • Play outside the church or hall as the guests leave;
  • Welcome the newlywed couple into the reception;
  • Provide entertainment music for the reception;
The Wedding

Where Should the Piper Play?

Couples typically have a bagpiper play at one or more of the following locales.

  • At the rehearsal;
  • At the church or hall;
  • At the reception



When Should the Piper Play?

There is great flexibility depending on the desires of the couple. The following provides some
suggestions based on the location.

Bagpipes Tulsa
01 Before Service

A bagpiper can be used very effectively as guests arrive to create an air of
joy and happiness, particularly if guests are expected to arrive within a fairly short period of time (for instance, 15-20 minutes before a service begins).
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02 During Service

Bagpipe music can be used throughout the service as the couple desires. One or more selections, such as Skye Boat Song, may be played at an appropriate time during the service.


03 Service End
The piper can lead the newlyweds and their retinue back down the aisle and out the door of the church. If the couple desires, the piper can play near the door as the guests leave.
04 After Service
When the service concludes, the piper will usually play an upbeat tune as the guests leave the chapel.